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The relationship between you and your grandchildren is unique and precious, especially when you've been deeply involved in caring for them. Your grandchildren need the love and stability that you, as a grandparent, provide, especially if there is upheaval in other areas of their lives. If it becomes necessary for you to legally define or protect your relationship with your grandchildren in Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties, the family law attorneys at Ashby Law Offices, LLC can help.

We have extensive experience with Pennsylvania custody and visitation cases, including those involving grandparents. We understand the stresses involved in pursuing visitation or custody of your grandchildren, especially when you are challenging their parents. We offer the personal support and assertive advocacy you need to make it through the legal process and be there for your grandkids.

Understanding Pennsylvania Grandparents' Rights

In the past several years, grandparents' rights in Pennsylvania have been narrowed somewhat by state law. Currently, as a grandparent, you can pursue legal or physical custody under limited circumstances, such as if you are already acting “in loco parentis” (literally, in the place of the parent). You may also seek legal or physical custody of a grandchild if you can prove that your relationship with your grandchild:

  • Began with a parent's consent OR under a court order, you already assume or are willing to assume responsibility for the child AND your grandchild is either:
    • a dependent child, OR
    • substantially at risk due to parental abuse, neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, or incapacity, OR
    • removed from your home, where he or she had resided for at least 12 consecutive months, by a parent. (In this case, you must seek custody within six months of the removal.)

You may file for visitation or partial custody of your grandchild in any of the following circumstances:

  • your child (your grandchild's parent) is deceased;
  • your grandchild's parents have been separated for six months or have begun and continued divorce proceedings;
  • your grandchild was removed from your home, where he or she had resided for at least 12 consecutive months, by a parent. (Again, in this case, you must seek visitation or partial custody within six months of the removal).

In deciding grandparents' petitions seeking custody or visitation, Pennsylvania courts always take into account what would be in the best interests of the child. Ashby Law Offices, LLC represents grandparents and great-grandparents seeking custody or visitation under Pennsylvania law, as well as parents who are challenging a grandparent's request for custody or visitation.

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